FAQs & Product Manuals

AFL Mask FAQs:

1. Can you re-use the filters?  You cannot re-use the AFL Mask filter, they need to be disposed of in the bin.

2. Can the mask be washed?  The outside of the mask can be cleaned using sterilising alcohol wipes or anti- bacterial wipes.

3. Can the filters be washed?  The filters cannot be washed.

4. How long does the battery last? The AFL Mask has 2 fan speeds (hours given are an average & can vary);

- Low setting the battery will last 10-12 hours

- High setting it will last 4-6 hours.

5. How often do you have to replace the filters?  How often you need to replace the filter depends on how contaminated/polluted the environment of use is and how long you are exposed to that environment (times given are an average & can vary). [Guidelines to this can be found in the manual that comes with the product.]

- Lightly polluted environment: Once every 2-3 months

- Moderately polluted environment: Once every 1-2 months

- Heavily polluted environment: Once every 2-4 Weeks

- Extremely polluted environment: Once every 1-2 weeks

6. Is the AFL Mask effective against viruses? i.e COVID-19  It is too early to make verified claims on COVID-19, however our nano silver ion layer on the filter is scientifically proven to be anti-viral & anti-bacterial.

7. Does the AFL Mask come with filters?  The mask comes with 2 filters, 1 pre-inserted into the mask and 1 extra one in the box.

8. Can we replace the AFL Mask batteries when it wears out?  The batteries in the AFL Mask are not replaceable and are built into the mask.  The batteries can be charged via an USB cable [there is a cable provided within the box of the product].


AFL LUNA Wall Mount FAQs:

1. How often do you need to change the cartridge?  We recommend changing the cartridge every 2 years to keep optimal efficiency.

2. What area does the AFL LUNA Wall Mount cover?  It covers an open area of up to 500 square meters.

3. What maintenance does the AFL LUNA Wall Mount require?  There is no maintenance other than changing the cartridge.

4. Is the AFL LUNA Wall Mount easy to install?  Yes its very easy to install & our technicians will come (in England F.O.C.) to install the product.  Once installed the LUNA Wall Mount is turned on with a flick of a switch.