Lockdown Leader Award Winner in SME Awards 2021

Working hard to bring life-changing products to consumers are one of our goals at Air For Life, and the hard work that was put in, has been recognised at the Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire SME National Awards in September 2021. 

We were so honoured to have won the Bronze Award under the Lockdown Leader category. Being a leader of people and an organisation is a demanding task, and our Founder and CEO – Jay, has demonstrated this during the global pandemic.

Jay has been working extremely hard to motivate his team and providing all the necessary support needed to keep everyone safe. Covid-19 has changed the way Air For Life operates but has brought the attention of breathing clean air to more consumers.

His approach to difficulties has inspired every team member in the organisation who has jointly nominated him as a candidate for the Lockdown Leader award. 

Being a leader is not about telling others what to do, but it’s about sharing ideas, thoughts, and working on projects together as a team.

Our colleagues are so pleased to have spoken to and met so many local businesses during the evening, and we would like to congratulate all winners and finalist of the SME Awards 2021.


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